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NEXUS – Available for hire

We have invested in over 40 systems, which can be loaned on a case by case, or longer-term loan depending on usage requirements. If you would like to consider having permanent loan equipment, we are happy to work with you and have supplied several hospital’s with long term loan instruments.

We deliver the sets to you in custom made pelican cases, to ensure safe transportation via special courier. We can also support surgery days where you multiple patients are listed, up to 8 per day to allow for efficiencies within the operating environment. We also try to ensure a spare is always provided, to ensure that all eventualities are catered for, ensuring the surgery is not compromised if a scope were to become damaged, or the need for a second.

Please don’t worry about breakages, the NEXUS scope has been designed to withstand a high load, that said, damage can occur. When this happens we have swap out scopes to ensure planned surgeries do not have to be cancelled. We also will not profit from damage, although rare, can happen, usually with handling outside of the operating environment. If you would like to find out more, again please talk with us directly how our swap out programs work.

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