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Developed in collaboration with plastic surgeons, orthodontists, and cleft palate teams, the DynaCleft® System gently guides and supports facial tissues to improve nasal symmetry and better position a cleft lip and palate for optimal surgical results. The DynaCleft system simplifies and improves the pre-surgical positioning of the lip and palate for improved cosmetic and functional outcomes.

The DynaCleft system is comprised of two components, the DynaCleft® Positioning Strips and the DynaCleft® Nasal Elevator. Each component can be used independently or together, or in conjunction with a NAM or intra-oral plate for the best possible surgical results.

Benefits of the DynaCleft system include:

  • Easy to use at-home and does not interfere with feeding.
  • No professional adjustments required, and fewer clinical visits.
  • Non-invasive treatment maximizes baby comfort.
  • Re-positional adhesive minimizes baby skin distress.
  • Elastic strips expand and contract with baby’s movements for optimal treatment and comfort.
DCNE-01DynaCleft® Nasal Elevators – 7-Pack7 Pcs
DCNE-02DynaCleft® Nasal Elevators – 28-Pack 28 Pcs
DCX10DynaCleft® Unilateral Strips – 7-Pack7 Pcs
DCX20 DynaCleft® Bilateral Strips – 7-Pack7 Pcs
DC1010New Baby Kit – Unilateral (8) + DCNE (6)Kit
DC1015New Baby Kit – Unilateral (8)Kit
DC1020 New Baby Kit – Bilateral (8) + DCNE (6)Kit
DC1025New Baby Kit – Bilateral (8)Kit

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