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Cranio Rehab - Orastretch User operated jaw motion rehabilitation exercise system.
The OraStretch® press is a jaw motion rehab system–a user operated device that opens jaw to stretch the orofacial tissues and mobilize the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). It is used primarily to prevent and treat trismus and scarring or fibrosis from radiation therapy, surgery, and trauma; and to rehab the joint from TMJ disorder or after surgery. Trismus or jaw hypomobility is the inability to open the mouth.On average, 54% of oral and up to 85% of nasal cancer patients will experience trismus from surgical and radiation cancer treatments. Following radiation, patients will slowly develop radiation fibrosis over the next 12 months, which tightens the tissues and limits the mouth opening. The OraStretch press is used to stretch the mouth open to prevent any loss and to increase the range from the fibrosis. Visit our online radiation trismus presentation to learn more about radiation fibrosis and its treatment.The OraStretch system is also used to treat TMJ disorder, dysfunction, and post-surgical rehab. Patients can use the device to mobilize the mouth and jaw for improved function, to treat pain and swelling, and to prevent scar tissue after surgery.The OraStretch press is available in 5 Versions:

Downloads For Patients

OraStretch Press Patient Brochure pdf Getting Started – OraStretch Press Patient Brochure pdf OraStretch press Instruction Manual pdf Progress Tracking Form – Oral Opening pdf Getting Started pdf

Downloads For Providers

OraStretch press Product Brochure pdf Trismus in Head & Neck Cancer Brochure pdf OraStretch Press Ordering Guide pdf OraStretch Press Information pdf Total Temporomandibular Joint Replacement – Technical Note pdf The temporo-mandibular-joint-Reconstruction pdf
With continual and diligent use of the OraStretch press, a typical patient can gain 1-2 mm per week in overall range of motion, with short-term gains of 1-4 mm immediately after stretching sessions.Use the OraStretch press daily as directed by your clinician. Your recovery depends on your commitment to rehabilitation and is the only way to assure yourself a full, functional recovery.
The standard and pediatric versions come with bitepads that are 1/8″ thick and stiff.These foam pads work to hold the user’s teeth in place while they are using the device. We also have edentulous pads for patients with dentures on the Standard version which can be directly used on the soft tissues of the mouth.
 WARNING: IF YOU EXPERIENCE SHARP PAIN WHILE USING THE DEVICE, STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY. If the pain persists or recurs, contact your doctor. *These are examples only. Users should consult with a medical professional for protocols specific to their conditions. 
Arthritis, Arthroscopy, Arthro-fibrosis, Disuse Atrophy, Joint Replacement, Facial Muscle Disorders, Meniscectomy, Radiation Therapy, Reconstructive Surgery, TMJ/TMD, Trauma, Trismus.
Mandible or Maxilla bone fracture (upper and lower jaw); and other bone weaknesses, bone infections, osteomyelitis, and osteocradionecrosis of the jaw.The OraStretch press is clinically proven as more effective than self-exercises and tongue depressors. The press is easy to use and portable, allowing patients to perform their necessary therapy while continuing in their daily life. The OraStretch press has been used by thousands of patients suffering from trismus and jaw dysfunction, and may be able to help you.The OraStretch press includes the OraStretch press device, a patient log, a safety limit knob, foam bite pads, and measuring scales, all easily carried in the travel bag. The OraStretch press device itself includes the safety limit adjustment knob, which allows the patient and doctor to control the therapy and prevent overstretching. The OraStretch press device mouthpieces are softened by foam pads and spread the force of the stretch across the users teeth. Special pads are also available for edentulous patients.The OraStretch press has been studied and successfully tested in clinical trials of post-surgical and post-radiation trismus, TMJ disorders, and traumas. Recent studies also indicate efficacy for treatment of orofacial pain and non-surgical TMJ conditions.The OraStretch press foam pads and the Range-of-Motion scales can also be purchases separately without prescription. The OraStretch press should only be used under the guidance of a medical professional. Please see the Instruction Manual for more information, warnings, and usage instructions.
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