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Recovering from facial injuries

Posted by: Total TMJ Posted 16/02/2023

Facial injuries can occur for any number of reasons. Speech therapists may see the results of these injuries, and when this happens, it is important to know the best ways to help patients recover. Facial trauma can impact people of any age, so whether you are treating a child, teen or adult, the assessment of…

Incito Medtech TMJ evolution article – Luke Cascarini

Posted by: Total TMJ Posted 20/05/2020

Today’s opportunity to change lives Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders have long presented somewhat of a challenge to the dental profession. Treatments and even the disorders themselves have been surrounded in uncertainty. Indeed, there was a time when the topic was discounted entirely by professors and educational providers. However, with improved knowledge, science and technologies in…

GDP awareness of TMD management techniques is key

Posted by: Total TMJ Posted 20/05/2020

Awareness of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems is generally high among dental professionals as they remain fairly common in patients. However, the treatment pathways available to help these people are less well-known. While there are several possible reasons for this – such as a lack of education in dental schools and changing perceptions about associated conditions…

Simple solutions for minor TMJ complications

Posted by: Total TMJ Posted 20/03/2020

In some cases of minor TMJ complications, GDPs can offer simple yet effective solutions. For trismus, these might include botulinum toxin injections or easy-to-use devices like the OraStretch Press Rehab System from Incito Medtech. The system uses passive motion to slowly and carefully stretch the jaw, joint and facial tissues. Designed to improve mobility and…

Navigating unknown waters

Posted by: Total TMJ Posted 20/03/2020

As you will likely know, temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) are a selection of conditions that impact the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), masticatory muscles and associated structures of the face and neck. The conditions are estimated to affect around 25-33% of the population, , though a much smaller percentage of people will experience severe enough symptoms to report…

Small but powerful

Posted by: Total TMJ Posted 20/02/2020

In some moderate cases of temporomandibular disorders (TMDs), patients may need surgical intervention to restore their jaw function and quality of life. The TMJ Arthroscopy Systems from Incito Medtech facilitate a minimally invasive surgical technique for the very best treatment outcomes. With instruments of the highest quality, the systems optimise each step of the procedure…

Improving patients’ quality of life

Posted by: Total TMJ Posted 20/02/2020

Temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) can have a massive impact on a sufferer’s quality of life. In some cases, GDPs can offer simple but effective solutions to dramatically improve their patient’s condition. The OraStretch Press Jaw Motion Rehab System, available in the UK from Incito Medtech, is one such option. It is an easy-to-use, hand-operated device that…

Arthroscopic treatment of TMJ Disorders

Posted by: Total TMJ Posted 20/01/2020

Where patients require mid line treatment for TMJ disorders, finding the most minimally invasive solution is important. Incito Medtech offers Arthroscope Systems for this reason. Using only the highest quality of materials with instruments that have been carefully designed for both surgical efficiency and patient comfort, the systems provide the tools professionals need to ensure…

Stop trismus in its tracks

Posted by: Total TMJ Posted 19/12/2019

Trismus has many possible causes, including cancer, trauma, TMJ disorders, facial burns and stroke. OraStretch Press Rehab System offers a conservative way to address the limited jaw opening in affected patients. The hand-operated device is easy for patients to use at home. It uses passive motion to safely stretch the jaw, joint and facial tissues,…

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